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      Many companies advertise CBD, but how can you tell what's actually good and how do you compare products?

      1. Make sure your animal's hemp oil contains a FULL-SPECTRUM of cannabinoids, not just CBD.

      2. Ensure that the product contains TERPENES, as this is a sign of superior extraction and efficacy.

      3. Be wary of additives, as flavored products can mask issues with quality and extraction. 

      4. Check the LAB TEST (Certificate of Analysis/ COA) to make sure your product has no contaminants  or solvents present. This can also tell you if the product contains a full-spectrum of cannabinoids as well as terpenes.


      6. TASTE IT. A burnt taste or complete lack of flavor can be a sign of poor extraction or worse.

      7. Don't be fooled by deceptive marketing and labeling practices, as these are rampant. Read the label carefully and make sure you know what is in the bottle.

      8. Make sure your product does not  contain THC above 0.3%; THC can be toxic and traumatic for dogs at high doses.