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      Listed below is a collection of lovely testimonials our community has shared with us over the years. We've also received plenty of product and company reviews, so if you're looking for those, you can find them by clicking here. If you've had an amazing experience with Dr.Hempdog, we'd love to hear from you! Here's how you can share your story too:



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      (720) 773-9595

      We've been in the industry for so long that some of our customers prefer to send us snail mail instead, so feel free to send us letters at:

      c/o Testimonials
      1312 17th St. #624
      Denver, CO, 80202




      "Buster has a very human like soul. He's a very special pup with an important job of comforting his fur-parents through life with love, but he suffers from arthritis and probably cancer. When he was about 10 years old we thought he was on his way to the rainbow bridge. Dr.Hempdog has been the key to him living happily for the past two years!!"

      Tony & Jessica · Park City, UT · Oct 2016


      Park City, UT
      October 2016


      "Our 10 year old 138 lb Alsatian German shepherd has been using hemp oil for the past 2 years. While we had tried products from other companies along the way, we have noticed that none of them even come close to comparing to Dr.Hempdog. Thanks for the love and care that you put in your product. Brian and Rocky."

      Brian · Glastonbury, CT · Oct 2016


      Glastonbury, CT
      October 2016


      "This is Kona. She's almost 15! HUGE thank you for creating Dr.Hempdog. It has literally kept Kona living, walking, and thriving. If it weren't for this amazing oil, I'm sure she'd be gone, like 9 months ago, if our friend didn't insist I try it! Thank you."

      Sarah · Park City, UT · Oct 2016


      Park City, UT
      October 2016


      "Like many pups, Sugar hates fireworks and thunder, but Dr.Hempdog really helps!"

      Cynthia · Cromwell, CT · Oct 2016


      Cromwell, CT
      October 2016


      "Halo had a rare respiratory condition that required her to be on steroids for a year when she was only 5. She recovered but the steroids wreaked havoc on her joints. She suffers from severe arthritis and was lame almost daily from normal activity. We introduced your product and now she's able to run with me every day with comfort. Dr.Hempdog has changed Halo's life and we thank you for that!"

      Tessa · Newport Beach, CA · Nov 2016


      Newport Beach, CA
      November 2016


      "We had tried everything to manage Callie's anxiety, and we thought we had no choice but to turn to pills. Not anymore. Dr.Hempdog is all she needs now, and she is doing better than ever!"

      Randy & Ericah · Park City, UT · Dec 2016


      Park City, UT
      December 2016



      "Kado seems to have a renewed spring in his step! I'm so happy to be able to make his quality of life better! He's my soul dog - thank you!"

      Cynthia · Crested Butte, CO · Jan 2017


      Crested Butte, CO
      January 2017


      "Porter is doing awesome with his Dr.Hempdog. He is getting around 100% better. He just doesn't know he is still an old man. Thanks."

      Jonathan · Telluride, CO · Apr 2017


      Telluride, CO
      April 2017


      "Our best buddy Captain turned 13 and started having severe joint problems. He could no longer go for walks or even come up the few steps into the house. We bought a sling and started considering some sad options, until we decided to try your product. A few days after starting Dr.Hempdog, our Captain was back with daily walks! He runs up and down the stairs to the house. Thanks for a 2nd chance, Dr.Hempdog!"

      Eric · Fairfield, CT · Oct 2017


      Fairfield, CT
      October 2017


      "We are treating three of our rescues with your oil and we couldn’t be happier with your product. We have used CBD oil in the past but our rescues showed better results when we switched to your brand. Our veterinarian gave Frosty only 8 weeks to live when he was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2016. Frosty is still with us, almost 20 months later! We just wanted to thank you for helping extend his life."

      Travis · Temecula, CA · Nov 2017


      Temecula, CA
      November 2017


      "All four of my pups (Hazel, Harriet, Harper, and Harley) are taking Dr.Hempdog and it has been a game changer for all of them (especially for Harriet, who suffers from severe anxiety). I never let them run out of DHD; Dr.Hempdog is the only brand for the Hutt Mutts!"

      Jenny, host of "Just Jenny" (SiriusXM Channel 109) · Long Island, NY · Dec 2017


      Long Island, NY
      December 2017



      "Our beloved French bulldog 'Sasha' was diagnosed with Lymphoma early this year. It soon became apparent that the Cancer had quickly spread all throughout her body. What your oil gave us we could never thank Dr.Hempdog enough. We felt like we had our girl back and even if it was for one day we felt blessed. As it turned out, her relief was felt for over two months! In those two months she experienced a quality life that we never thought we would see again. We were able to get the closure our pack needed while enjoying our time with our beloved Sasha."

      Brian, Leash on Life LLC · CT · Jan 2018


      January 2018


      "Josie was always afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks, and had a lot of other anxieties that cause her to grind her teeth. After a week on the dose recommended by Dr.Hempdog she sailed through fireworks week quite calmly and has stopped grinding her teeth! Highly recommend this product for anxiety issues."

      Joanne · CT · Jul 2018


      July 2018


      "You guys are my angels! Suny is a happy dog pain free when taking the oil and I love it!!!! He got better overall! He is listening better! He is like a new dog and can't thank you enough."

      Rosie · Hartford, WI · Jul 2018


      Hartford, WI
      July 2018


      "You guys are truly a lifesaver. Our sweetie pie 13-yr old Olivia has a new lease on life thanks to Dr.Hempdog. It curbs her anxiety and makes her recover from adventures in half the time!"

      Tim · Salt Lake City, UT · Sep 2018


      Salt Lake City, UT
      September 2018


      "Daisy is turning 15 in December and this has only been possible with the help of Dr.Hempdog. Between the stress of our recent move and her hip dysplasia we did not know what to do to comfort her until we found Dr.Hempdog. Within a day of receiving her first dose her stress panting all but stopped, and she was willing to go for longer walks so we knew she was in less pain. Dr.Hempdog’s texts and cards always asking about Daisy’s well-being are a great personal touch. Again, thank you for your wonderful product. Looking forward to Daisy’s Sweet 16!"

      John & Suzette · Belle Harbor, NY · Nov 2018


      Belle Harbor, NY
      November 2018


      "Kona is 11 years old and still rippin thanks to Dr.Hempdog, stiffness and joint pain can’t slow her down now. After using your product even my mom who takes her for hikes has noticed a difference!"

      Kyle · Boston, MA · Dec 2018


      Boston, MA
      December 2018


      "Orville was a mess and pacing every night. I was losing sleep and was about to put him down if it didn’t change. This is what I can say after 3 days of him being on your product: What you have is something special and you made another dog and human very happy. [Orville] is so much more himself it seems crazy the difference from last Monday. He follows me around the house, sits in the kitchen with me when baking, and loves being with us all again! I honestly can’t thank you enough!!”

      Shauna · CT · Dec 2018


      December 2018



      "To all those at Dr.Hempdog, thank you for helping my cockatoo, Buddy. She is our rescue Umbrella Cockatoo who had a very abusive and neglectful start to life. She had been plucking her feathers, was so anxious, and started to obsessively scream. Within 5 days of using Dr.Hempdog she stopped screaming, was so happy, and started playing with her toys. Within a couple weeks her feathers were growing back in! We are all so thankful for your CBD oil making her feel so much better!"

      Beth · RI · Jan 2019


      Rhode Island
      January 2019


      "Finn’s a rescue and Dr.Hempdog has definitely helped him adjust to his life in New York City. He loves his Dr.Hempdog. Thank you!"

      Ann · New York City, NY · Jan 2019


      New York City, NY
      January 2019


      "Tony loves [Dr.Hempdog]! It works so puuurrrfect for him. He had an anxiety hotspot he'd lick non-stop until it was raw, and with the Dr.Hempdog he is able to clean himself and not be obsessed with that one hotspot area."

      MacKenzey · Brooklyn, NY · Mar 2019


      Brooklyn, NY
      March 2019


      "Thank you very much. You all are fantastic and have outstanding customer service. [Kendrick] has improved; she's perkier, wagging her tail, and back to spending time with us. I'm already telling friends about Dr.Hempdog!"

      Michelle · Lexington, KY · Apr 2019


      Lexington, KY
      April 2019


      “Bailey is a NEW DOG!!! It's amazing. [After taking Dr.Hempdog], she isn't shaking and she is sleeping through the night. She is happy and running and she is the dog I knew once. You have made her quality of life better than I could ever expect. Thank you so much!”

      Brianna · Brookfield, CT · Jun 2019


      Brookfield, CT
      June 2019


      "Thanks for making Marlow feel better. It’s very very obvious how much Dr.Hempdog helps her. It’s crazy! We are so very grateful that we have access to your product as our fuzzy furry children age!"

      Emily · Aspen, CO · Jul 2019


      Aspen, CO
      July 2019


      "About 3 months ago, [Mr. Belvedere] started getting extremely anxious at night. He couldn't settle down [and] would stand on the bed and cry. We took him to his vet and they couldn't find anything wrong. They said we could try an anti-anxiety prescription but we wanted to explore other options. Nothing worked. [Then,] a friend suggested Dr. Hempdog and it has made a complete difference in not only our sleep but in Mr. Belvedere's. He sleeps through the night, every night. We are SO very thankful for Dr. Hempdog and all of their staff. We cannot recommend Dr.Hempdog enough!"

      Tonja · Tacoma, WA · Aug 2019


      Tacoma, WA
      August 2019


      "Mudslide is doing better with her allergies and skin! Prior to using Dr.Hempdog, her skin was red, rashy and had sores due to her constant itch. Her rash is gone and no open sores now. She also seems happier, and as an added bonus, even leaped on top of our picnic table to show she is feeling good again—not something she should be doing of course, but it does tell me her joints must feel good too!"

      MJ · Richmond, IL · Oct 2019


      Richmond, IL
      October 2019


      "I saw results after Emma’s first dose of Dr.Hempdog which I could not believe. It’s been about a full month now and she is doing amazing! It's like a light switch got turned on. Even some of her Lab lumps have gone down. Thank you so much!"

      Carrie · West Jordan, UT · Oct 2019


      West Jordan, UT
      October 2019


      "Leo is doing much better [with his hip pain] now that he's back on Dr.Hempdog! We love it for him!"

      Krista · CT · Oct 2019


      October 2019


      "Charlie is normal for a Border Collie of his age & breed, but he can go from 0 to 100 very quickly which is typical of his breed. Charlie followed commands properly and was a well behaved dog, but since using Dr.Hempdog he seems to be more alert, calms down easier and listens quicker."

      Tom · CT · Nov 2019


      November 2019


      "Last year, Maple started limping suddenly and her right hock became swollen due to arthritis. Maple, who was once full of energy, was refusing to take walks, and wouldn't even climb the stairs in our house. I reached out to Dr.Hempdog on a friend's recommendation, and within 3 days of taking Dr.Hempdog Maple was back to herself, taking 40 minute walks and sprinting with excitement! She hasn't had any mobility issues since. Grateful is not a strong enough word for what Dr. Hempdog has done for our family, and for our sweet Maple."

      Madeleine · Portland, OR · Nov 2019


      Portland, OR
      November 2019


      "We brought Gidget to our Sanctuary after she was found in the parking lot of a vet’s office with a broken leg. She seemingly healed well until she started limping a few years later. During her rehabilitation she would show us signs that massaging her leg and hips was just not comfortable for her. Shortly after starting her on Dr.Hempdog we saw that she was happy to be massaged and lasered, and was even happy to let us do some extended sessions with her! This has been a definite game changer for Gidget! Thank you Dr.Hempdog!"

      Our Companions Animal Rescue · Manchester, CT · Nov 2019


      Manchester, CT
      November 2019


      "Finding the right dose [for Sadie's separation anxiety] has been a game changer. I give Sadie her Dr.Hempdog every day and she's completely settled down!"

      Jordan · Vista, CA · Dec 2019


      Vista, CA
      December 2019


      "Molly is doing very well! She is a happy girl, and I notice she isn't as anxious when I go in the other room now. I'm very hopeful that her feathers will finally be able to poke through; she has a few coming in that she hasn't pulled!"

      Jocelyn · West Springfield, MA · Dec 2019


      West Springfield, MA
      December 2019



      "Charlie is very energy sensitive, so he always feels like he needs to have a job. There are times when he gets over excited or anxious... Dr.Hempdog has helped him to stay more relaxed and calms his anxiety."

      Karen · Montery, CA · Jan 2020


      Montery, CA
      January 2020


      "Harley is doing great with Dr.Hempdog! He's been very mellow overall, more affectionate and making great progress with his dog training. He has only barked at one dog that we've seen recently which is a huge improvement for him!"

      Mariah · Portland, OR · Jan 2020


      Portland, OR
      January 2020


      “[Jasper] is an Aussie cat but he's lived in Hawaii for the last 7 years. He's been a global traveler all his life, but was slowing down a bit due to arthritis and kidney issues. Dr.Hempdog is REALLY helping him, thank you!!!”

      Penelope · Hawaii · Feb 2020


      February 2020


      "Duke's doing great on Dr.Hempdog. He's more comfortable in his movements and when he sleeps. Sometimes people are surprised to find out he's almost 11!"

      Ryan · Denver, CO · Mar 2020


      Denver, CO
      March 2020


      "After starting on Dr.Hempdog, Milo now LOVES to walk and even runs sometimes. It’s a pretty impressive change to say the least, he’s very active now! We are able to walk with him at least 2-3 times a day and can go further than we used to. Also, when we first got him he was very edgy and didn't like to be touched. We found that when he started taking Dr.Hempdog he became calmer, and we can now lift him into the car and he even will lay with us. Again, very happy with the change. Without a doubt Dr.Hempdog has been a huge factor, there is no two ways about it."

      Matty & Anna · Long Beach Island, NJ · Apr 2020

      MATTY & ANNA

      Long Beach Island, NJ
      April 2020


      "My 14 year old golden lab has just finished her first bottle, and I can already see an improvement in her ability to stand up and go up and down stairs. She is much more lively and back to chasing squirrels in the yard all day. Thanks!!"

      David · Denver, CO · May 2020


      Denver, CO
      May 2020


      "Bella will be 15 this fall. She used to love to ski, home and mountain bike with her mom. These days, she does walks at home, but she's happy that her mom works from home now. Dr.Hempdog's CBD oil helps her old lady hips and spine. Thanks!!!"

      Nancy · Salt Lake City, UT · Jul 2020


      Salt Lake City, UT
      July 2020


      "Harley started coughing in early 2019 and was diagnosed with severe heart disease after an atrial rupture. His rupture ended up healing but we had to be careful about exciting him too much. As a chihuahua that's hard to do. We looked into CBD/Dr.Hempdog and read a lot about it being used for anxiety, so we started using it and soon noticed a difference in his excitement levels; for example, when in the car, his heart would race a bit, and [he'd pant, shake, and cry], but now he's much calmer in the car and almost seems to enjoy it!"

      Michael · New York · Aug 2020


      New York
      August 2020


      "Gray, our 10 year old miniature poodle, has been using Dr.Hempdog's CBD oil for about a month. When we brought her home from the shelter after a sad life in a puppy mill, she was so anxious and wouldn't let anyone near her. Since using Dr.Hempdog twice per day she has adjusted so well to our home and our family. She loves her walks with mom and dad and her sister Bichon, Ellie!"

      Stepfanie · North Ridgeville, OH · Oct 2020


      North Ridgeville, OH
      October 2020


      "My 13 year old Newfie, Delilah has been on Dr.Hempdog for almost a year now. It has 100% improved her quality of life. She has better mobility and she appears to be in less discomfort. She is able to get up and down more often without assistance. I am certain this product has given us more time with her."

      Shannon · NY · Nov 2020


      Ney York
      November 2020


      "Cruella de Vil just celebrated her sweet sixteen! She had hip dysplasia, and had surgery on both hips over the years. She has arthritis, and other age related challenges. But, thanks to Dr.Hempdog, she still bosses everyone around! Just this morning, she hopped around the yard like a bunny."

      Geri · Marietta, GA · Nov 2020


      Marietta, GA
      November 2020


      "I have been providing Dr Hempdog to my pups Lola and Charlie for almost 2 years at the advice of a trainer. Both of my buddies at times get very excited when doorbell or strangers come to our home. Since using [Dr.Hempdog], Charlie (the Border Collie) and Lola (the black Lab) get to a calmer state with minimal effort from my wife and myself. They love the taste and wait in line for their dose. The Dr Hempdog staff has been great, they are always there to answer questions."

      Tom · USA · Nov 2020


      November 2020


      "[Whiskers] is almost 16 years old, and has a number of health problems that are common for a dog her age. But we have noticed that she acts SO much more comfortable, playful, and happy since being on Dr.Hempdog! She is almost puppy-like sometimes. And she is still able to walk an hour a day, which is no small feat for a dog her age."

      Hilary · Albany, NY · Dec 2020


      Albany, NY
      December 2020



      "Watusi has been a "light plucker" most of her life, and concentrates on her chest area. We started her on a twice daily dosage of Dr.Hempdog about a year ago and are happy to report that she is doing really well! Watusi is getting fluffier by the day! "

      Foster Parrots · Hope Valley, RI · Jan 2021


      Hope Valley, RI
      January 2021


      "Ludo is a 86 lb, six-year-old rescue with a history of moderately problematic behavior: excitability and nips, nervousness, and fear. After a couple months with Ludo, I reached out to an animal behaviorist and I reached out to Dr.Hempdog. What a lifesaver the oil has been! Ludo is calmer, more responsive to training, and more confident. Dr.Hempdog's CBD oil has been a very useful tool: I see a sweet and gentle, playful pup more and more each day. The staff at Dr.Hempdog have been remarkably responsive, kind, professional and understanding. So grateful!"

      Amy · Nampa, ID · Feb 2021


      Nampa, ID
      February 2021


      "We are so grateful for your amazing product. Not only has she been walking around the house more, she went to the door herself and told me she wanted to go outside to sunbathe. She hasn't done that since November. I'm so grateful to have my little girl back. I'm crying tears of joy."

      Connnie · Norwalk, CA · Feb 2021


      Norwalk, CA
      February 2021


      "[After starting on Dr.Hempdog], Lexi is doing better than I've seen her in a long time. She jumped on the bed for the first time in years, and she's running around the yard. It's a night and day difference."

      Bethany · Falmouth, ME · Feb 2021


      Falmouth, ME
      February 2021


      "We started giving Blake Dr.Hempdog's CBD oil many years ago for joint, behavior, and heart issues, and aside from the behavior issues, he's done so well! We are so happy, because from the stories we've heard about other cavaliers with heart murmurs, he is going strong and still kicking thankfully! Thanks Dr.Hempdog."

      Melissa · Neponsit, NY · Feb 2021


      Neponsit, NY
      February 2021


      "Sadie has lots of anxiety and is very fearful of loud noises. She does so much better when I give her Dr.Hempdog."

      Brenda · Chino, CA · Feb 2021


      Chino, CA
      February 2021


      “Before she started using Dr. Hempdog, Zoey was having a lot of difficulty getting up and down from her bed and was having trouble using stairs. It was obvious she was experiencing discomfort. I decided to give Dr.Hempdog's products a try, and I'm so glad I did. Ever since I started adding Dr.Hempdog to her dinner, she has been getting around great. This 16 year old dog even loves to go outside and run like she did when she was younger. I'm so happy we found you guys!"

      Tina · Pine Grove, WV · Feb 2021


      Pine Grove, WV
      February 2021


      "Joey is a 6-year-old Irish Setter who started having seizures as soon as he turned three. We started using Dr.Hempdog's CBD oil after his second seizure, and Joey has not had a seizure since January 28, 2020. Thank you! I am so thankful to you guys for producing such a high quality product that is helping Joey have a full and enjoyable life."

      Golda · Murray, UT · Feb 2021


      Murray, UT
      February 2021

      "MO" MOSCATO

      "[Mo used to] bark for 8 hours straight, pacing and circling and panting until I got home from work. Finally, I saw a post on Instagram about a rescue dog with similar anxiety issues that mentioned Dr.Hempdog. I was so impressed with the DHD team and how thorough and understanding they were on our initial intake. Mo is doing 100% better now, he’s so calm and relaxed and happy, even when I leave him to go to work. Now that his anxiety is under control and he’s in a better place, we’ve been able to focus more on training and having fun!"

      Margot · New York City, NY · Mar 2021


      New York City, NY
      March 2021


      “At age 11, [Lexie] tore her ACL running. We found that she had arthritis in her hips, front shoulder, and spine, combined with her knees. We looked for a natural solution to her inflammation and that's when our vet recommended Dr.Hempdog. Lexie has been taking it for almost 2 years and it has helped her considerably. I am so grateful to all of the staff at Dr.Hempdog for all the help and service they have given me.”

      Debbie · Rio Ranch, NM · Apr 2021


      Rio Ranch, NM
      April 2021


      "Ferrow's experience with Dr.Hempdog has been life changing. Ferrow suffers from severe separation anxiety and trauma from an attack, [but] since taking Dr.Hempdog daily he no longer whines or has freakouts when left home alone and willingly goes into his kennel any time he's asked without hesitation. He is not as nervous or skittish around bigger dogs and no longer freaks out when he hears noises that he can't see. His personality has even improved and he is an all around better pup when taking his daily dose of Dr.Hempdog!!!"

      Sky · Salt Lake City, UT · May 2021


      Salt Lake City, UT
      May 2021


      "Dr.Hempdog has significantly helped with Chanel's separation anxiety from a recent change of routine. I believe it also helps her with occasional knee discomfort from a CCL injury this past winter. It's magic in a bottle!"

      Kristi · Township, NJ · Jun 2021


      Township, NJ
      June 2021


      "Louis would stand at the window for hours and hours and howl. We couldn't ever leave him at home by himself. Now, as long as we give him a lot of exercise and give him his Dr.Hempdog with dinner, we can leave the house without him for a couple of hours! The increase in exercise, combined with Dr.Hempdog, has really given me my life back."

      Kristen · Salt Lake City, UT · Jun 2021


      Salt Lake City, UT
      June 2021


      "About a year ago, Duds underwent a very risky surgery [for an adrenal gland tumor], except he never really went back to the way he was prior to his diagnosis. My heart was breaking watching him be so miserable. Fortunately, I found Dr. Hempdog. After 2 days, I could tell Duds was feeling better, 2 weeks later he was throwing around his toys & asking to go on walks, 2 months later, he’s back to his old self & sometimes even acts like a puppy! I couldn’t be more grateful to Dr.Hempdog for this amazing product & for allowing me to have more time with my bff!"

      Dr. Carolina De La Garza, DVM · Albuquerque, NM · Jul 2021


      Albuquerque, NM
      July 2021


      "Ally, our 14-year old terrier, had started losing 'pep in her step' with age, and Dr.Hempdog really changed her life. After only a few weeks, she had more flexibility and energy, and today she is still leaping off the couch for fetch and walkies! I didn’t believe in CBD products until we found Dr.Hempdog, and now I can’t imagine Ally without it. Thank you!"

      Leslie & Jake · New York City, NY · Oct 2021


      New York City, NY
      October 2021