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      Dr.Hempdog's proprietary full-spectrum CBN/CBD hemp oil. Research shows that CBN (Cannabinol) stimulates CB1 receptors, which can positively affect anxiety, mood, sleep, and certain other conditions in animals. CBN interacts with CB1 receptors in animals in a similar way to THC, but without the psychoactivity. For more information, view The Science Behind CBN below.

      We specifically recommend our Ultra Behavior Formula for particularly challenging cases.

      This product includes:

      • CBN/CBD dominant full-spectrum hemp extract
      • 570mg of total cannabinoids, including CBN, CBD, CBC, CBG, CBDV, and a potent terpene profile
      • MCT Coconut Oil as a carrier for enhanced absorption and ability to taste the quality of the product
      • Childproof bottle
      • Dosing instructions are simple & this product includes a dropper designed for easy administration
      • On average, product lasts for about:
        • 30 days for 100 lbs dogs
        • 60 days for 50 lbs dogs
        • 4-5 months for 20 lbs dogs
      LAB WORK


      We back our products up with thorough, transparent testing practices. You can use the button below to access our most recent Certificate of Analysis (i.e. third-party lab work), which clearly shows the many helpful cannabinoids and terpenes in our product, while confirming a complete absence of toxic compounds.

      We've also included a helpful guide to interpreting lab work on that page, so we encourage you to see for yourself why we have the best lab work in the industry.



      Studies suggest that CBN could act as a strong (and safe) anxiety-relieving compound for animals.

      CBN activates CB1 cannabinoid receptors in the brain, which are known to cause sedation and relaxation. While THC also activates CB1 receptors, CBN does not possess the same psychoactive traits as THC.

      Furthermore, veterinary safety studies demonstrate that CB1-activating cannabinoids (like CBN) are safe and nontoxic for dogs when administered at appropriate doses.


      This product is only available for sale through veterinarians and wellness practitioners at this time.

      • If you're a consumer who needs access to this product, please click below and we'll happily discuss whether the UBF is suitable for your dog.

      • If you're a veterinarian looking to inventory this product or acquire more information, click the button below or contact us directly.

      • If you're a canine health professional looking to use this product or learn more, click the button below or contact us directly.


      NOTE: Our UBF is not necessary to use with every animal suffering from anxiety. In most cases, our customers find that our standard line of full-spectrum CBD products work perfectly well when dosed properly. This formula should not be used above recommended doses without strict supervision from a veterinarian.


      Dr. Nell Ostermeier, DVM

      Portland, Oregon

      “My anxious patients who have done well on the original Dr.Hempdog formula, but still needed a little more support, have experienced even better results using the Ultra Behavior Formula (UBF).

      I am thankful to have the UBF in my veterinary 'toolbox' as one more option to help my patients reach an improved state of emotional wellbeing. The noted results have been reduced reactivity and further reduction in anxiety related behaviors."

      Happy Dogs @ Home, Professional Dog Trainers


      “We've experienced firsthand the incredible results of the Ultra Behavior Formula with our clients in our care and practice. It is a game changer! We have had great success with all Dr.Hempdog products.

      We exclusively use Dr.Hempdog because they are the only CBD products with safe and proven results that we have found in the 20+ CBD products we have tried and tested in our practice."

      Dr. Jennifer Luna-Repose, DVM

      New Earth Pet Healing, California

      "Dr.Hempdog's UBF tincture has already helped my sister's dog, Fauna, not be so reactive to people clapping and waving their hands, and [they aren't] as afraid when strangers come over to the house.

      My dog, [Elliot], is also no longer cowering or hiding when we break down cardboard boxes in the house, [and the UBF] is helping with eye contact training and leash agression towards certain dogs."

      Dr. Tiffany Diab, DVM

      Kingsfoil Integrative Veterinary Care, Colorado

      “The team at Dr.Hempdog is unsurpassed in their knowledge, expertise, and customer service, and it shows in their new Ultra Behavior Formula.

      My own dog has experienced marked improvement in her anxiety symptoms as well as management of her cranial cruciate ligament tear pain with no side effects or mentation alterations often seen with pharmaceuticals."


      200 mg CBD

      Full-Spectrum (1oz bottle)

      Best for small dogs (under 40 lbs), cats, birds, or as an introduction

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      500 mg CBD

      Full-Spectrum (1oz bottle)

      Good for dogs over 40 lbs. Our best all around size.

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      1000 mg CBD

      Full-Spectrum (2oz bottle)

      For bigger dogs, horses, and other large mammals. Our bestseller.

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