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      For us this is personal. We watched our beloved best friend Coool go through a horrendous battle with severe joint and mobility challenges right before he turned 11 years old. He led an extremely healthy life, it just wasn't fair. Such a good boy, actually the greatest boy. We followed the typical protocol of treatment including a variety of vet prescribed pills while continuing his healthy diet and lifestyle. Months later, he started losing an unusual amount of hair at the wrong time of year, his eyes started to permanently gloss over and his severe mobility challenges got worse than ever. It wasn't working. We tried anything and everything we could and even tried some early CBD products with no success. 

      On one cold night we watched Coool struggle more than he ever had. He could not even take one step on his own because of the discomfort. It was at this moment we decided to take him off all the pills and swore we would switch completely back to natural and assist him with a harness fulI-time if that's what it took. His mind was sharp. We just couldn't participate anymore in the toxicity the pharmaceuticals were causing him and they obviously weren't helping. We committed to Coool "we are not going out like this buddy". Up to this point we literally had tried everything, seen all of the experts and employed every tactic we could possibly come up with. We felt like we were left with no other options but committed to searching until we found a solution. Failure was not an option. 

      It still feels like divine intervention but in our obsessive search for help we somehow stumbled across some of the best scientists in the industry right after Hemp based Cannabinoids and CBD were legalized federally by the 2014 Farm Bill. One hour after Coool took his first dose of the oil they were making, he got up and walked around better than he had in 6 months. We were all amazed. His health continued to improve over the next few months. His coat got better. His eyes became normal again. He got better and better. Even though the severe mobility challenges was not reversible, Coool became much more comfortable and he was able to lead a more normal life and even thrived. The vets couldn’t believe it. He got healthier as time went on. Words cannot express how wonderful this was for all of us but especially for Coool. 

      Friends monitored his progress through social media and many inquired asking if we could help with their dog. That spread to friends of friends until we realized how many dogs we had helped and that we needed to hire people and start a company. Even though we were busy with our other careers we knew that we had to share this incredible knowledge and profound experience. We are very serious about what we do and bringing animals the very best product every time. Our products are the very best because we grow the finest plants with organic practices and use superior extraction methods which all make for the best product. You can count on us for that! This is our mission and are honored that we get to do it. 


      (Coool at 13 years young)