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      Dr.Hempdog prides itself on leading with the science, which is why we ensure that everything we sell is backed up by extensive clinical research (all of which is easily available on this website).

      Thanks to all the research done by the scientific community and our extensive experience in the industry, we know that the future of cannabinoid science is bright. However, veterinary cannabinoid trials are currently moving slower than they should. In order to help move the science forward, we've taken the lead and initiated a groundbreaking clinical trial for canine anxiety. We are blessed to have prominent veterinarians, trainers, and animal wellness practitioners taking part in this study.

      Below, you'll find a summary of our pilot CBN trial, alongside a link to a full overview of the study. We hope you'll be as impressed as we are with the continued success of CBN for dogs with anxiety.


      Veterinary Advisors:

      • Dr. Debbie Hadlock, VMD, University of Pennsylvania (Hadlock Integrative Veterinary Consulting, UT)

      • Dr. Nell Ostermeier, DVM, University of Illinois (People and Pet Therapeutics, OR)

      • Dr. Jennifer Luna-Repose, DVM, Cornell University (New Earth Pet Healing, CA)

      • Dr. Tiffany Diab, DVM, Mississippi State University (Kingsfoil Integrative Veterinary Care, CO)

      • Dr. Mallory Tate, DVM, RBP, DACLAM, Louisiana State University (Southern University A&M College, Attending Veterinarian, Associate Professor, Institute of Medicinal Plants)


      The purpose of this clinical trial is to research the safety and effectiveness of the cannabinoid CBN (coupled with a full-spectrum Hemp Oil) for dogs with severe anxiety. Before this trial, Dr.Hempdog had already worked with this formula for 18 months with very promising results. Because of that success, we created a formal clinical trial to capture and demonstrate this evidence.

      This is the first-ever clinical trial to study the anti-anxiety effects of CBN in dogs. We are honored to have a group of accomplished veterinarians, dog trainers, and canine wellness professionals taking part in all stages of this trial.

      Our first group of 10 dogs is already 180 days into the study (as of March 1st, 2022), and our second group is approximately 90 days in. Each dog is receiving daily doses of our proprietary full-spectrum CBN/CBD oil (i.e. our Ultra Behavior Formula). As time goes on, we're adding more groups of dogs to the study.

      This trial is approximately projected to conclude August 2022.

      Why This Research is Important:

      Since we started servicing dogs with anxiety back in 2015, we noticed that our full-spectrum hemp oil was very useful for anxiety; however, there were still some dogs in some situations that it wasn't able to fully assist.

      Because of our deep knowledge of cannabinoid science, we've known for a long time that CBN could have a positive influence on anxiety.

      Over the years, we started to experiment with CBN on ourselves (like we do with most cannabinoids). After that, we started testing very small, safe doses with a few dogs that we knew well and that were good candidates. We learned that proper dosing is essential to have success with using this cannabinoid for anxiety, so we continued to study CBN coupled with combinations of other cannabinoids. Based on this research, we were able to develop the most effective formula possible. Our continued experiments were incredibly successful, so we initiated a formal clinical trial to capture and further elaborate on this evidence.

      Thanks to advances in cultivation capabilities, we are now able to grow very high-quality CBN from hemp for this purpose, allowing us to create this next-generation cannabinoid product. This product is legal in all fifty states.

      Latest Public Update:

      Day 180:  March 1, 2022

      • One hundred and eighty days in, all participating dogs have continued to display significant reduction of anxiety symptoms and an increase in overall happiness and activity. All dogs in Group A and B are seeing significant continued progress at their current doses, and their humans continue to provide updates every 30 days.

      • No side effects have been observed at any stage of the trial thus far in any of the dogs in Group A or B.

      • Follow-up blood work has been conducted for more of the dogs, and shows no negative changes in liver enzyme function or overall health.


      Click the button below to view a detailed breakdown of the UBF trial.

      ⯈ View UBF Trial Details

      We're constantly onboarding new dogs, scientists, and veterinarians. If you're interested in getting involved, you can contact us through this details page.


      In the future, trial data will be posted to this page for public viewing as soon as possible.

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